e-Sports New Venture

  LDN UTD, ​Press Release, London, 21st December 2018   

● LDN’s newest, fan driven, esports team. 

● Giving gamers a path to pro and a home in central LDN. 

● LDN’s gamers to be united at community events where they try-out to compete as professionals.  

● Fans of LDN UTD can invest in the team via crowdfunding                       platform, Seedrs. 

● First ​ F o r t nit e ​ event to be held at Loading Bar: Server on 4th January 2019 from 6pm to 9pm. 

● Winners to compete at EStars presents Fortnite event at the                     Emirates stadium on 11​th​ and 12​th​ January 2019. 

● LDN UTD to launch with innovative motion graphic agency,                   Observatory, as their creative content partners. 

● 1080 Media to provide filming assistance and content production  at 4th January 2019 tryouts.   

LDN UTD is LDN’s newest, fan driven, esports organisation, providing young gamers with a path to pro with our platform and community events. Today we announce our launch. We want to discover the most talented gamers in LDN and enable them  to compete in professional esports tournaments representing LDN UTD.    Gamers visit ​www.ldnutd.gg to upload their best gaming content. Each month, fans of LDN UTD will vote for their favourite plays and who they want to represent them in esports tournaments. Fans will also choose which titles they wish to compete in, starting with Fortnite.   Gamers can also compete in a live environment. LDN UTD’s inaugural “community event” will be held at Loading Bar: Server, January 4th 2019.    

Gamers will compete for four spaces at the EStars presents Fortnite tournament held at Emirates Stadium on 11​th​ & 12​th​ January 2019.  Finally, LDN UTD is giving its fans an opportunity to invest in the team via the Seedrs crowdfunding platform from mid-January 2019. 

LDN UTD have also brokered a strategic creative partnership with innovative 3D motion graphic design agency Observatory, the partnership will offer impactful visual contents at both a branding and live event level for LDN UTD to immerse esports fans even further visually with the impactful original content Observatory create. As part of this partnership Observatory are shooting and producing LDNUTD’s launch promo.    

In tandem, ​London based 1080 Media TV are also supporting the event, providing the filming and live streaming of the try-outs on 4th January 2019, bringing their vast experience of sports broadcasting and live event coverage to the esports arena as part of this exciting concept.   CEO Cliff Webb said, ”esports is a booming area and it’s exciting to engage in this new concept to explore how this will see and be in on the ‘ground floor’ and supporting he new team”.

Oliver Weingarten, CEO “We are delighted to launch LDN UTD and give gamers the chance to go from their basement to the podium. There are more than 2m gamers in London. We believe there is plenty of undiscovered talent. We want to give them an opportunity to realize their dream as professional gamers. Moreover LDN UTD is for the fans, and we want them to influence the team, the brand and the games we compete in. It is fantastic to hold our first “community event”at Loading Bar: Server and we look forward to live streaming so that those unable to attend, can get a feel for LDN UTD, and get involved in future. In the mean time we encourage the gaming community to start uploading their Fortnite content to LDN UTD’S website, and we look forward to seeing them on the 4th. I would like to also thank the Observatory and 1080 Media for partnering with us. Content production is a key tenet of LDN UTD and we look forward to working with both these companies.”   

Adam Whyte, CGO​, “I’ve been a gamer since the original FPS… Duck Hunt. Due to my age (and most likely lack of skill), I never had the chance to play professionally. It’s our dream to enable LDN’s young gamers and provide them with the tools to realise their ambitions to become professional gamers and represent their city on a world stage.”    More information can be found at ​www.ldnutd.gg where fans can also register to attend to view the try-outs.   

Enquiries can be directed to: Oliver Weingarten, ​[email protected]​, or +447970944001.   

About Observatory Creative LTD – ​Observatory are a creative visual  production company that executes distinctive 3D motion graphic content for    live event, broadcast, sport and brand experiences. ​www.observatory.london   

About 1080 Media – ​1080 Media are an award winning production company working across online and traditional broadcast television, producing programmes, live event coverage and video and social media content for some of the biggest sports and news organisations in the world.