OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACONTENT CREATION & DISTRIBUTION: We are independent multi-award winning team, producing content for all types of platforms. Established 12 years, we have amazing experience of broadcasting live on the internet and on worldwide TV networks, having produced thousands of hours for our clients all around the planet; among areas we work in, we produce live sports coverage, TV programming with regular broadcast series, and we work closely with clients on social media video delivery, corporate videos, plus news distribution; we have also covered business and press conferences, product launches, promos, and we have an AV side to the company too, enabling us to offer a ‘turn-key’ operation for clients.


A boutique company,  no project  is ever too small nor too big for us – we adapt and scale accordingly. We know how to make fabulous productions and more importantly perhaps, tell engaging and creative stories that get our clients key message across. That’s why they keep coming back. 

We have built extensive knowledge around mobile 4G broadcast systems too, using them in some weird and wonderful locations around the world, from hospitals to banks, fields to mountains, and festivals to literally – the end of the pier! The range of companies and broadcasters who we have worked with is huge, but include Sky Sports News, BBC News & Channel 4 (Richard III – the Reburial!). Our edit systems and shooting kits are designed to meet all types of levels and productions, from single camera shoots for a testimonial video perhaps, to major multi-camera live coverage of international events working as the Host Broadcast company delivering the world feed. 

_MG_9397We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team, committed to top quality service, and always excited with new ideas and opportunities in this insatiable, ever changing digital world…  



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