Internet TV

We have deep knowledge of internet TV in all its forms, having been involved with pioneering companies and software 

platforms from the early days.

With many years experience of ‘TV on the internet’ we offer:

  • Customised internet TV channels
  • Embedded players for syndication

    Tony Gaze Trophy Goodwood Members Meeting
    Live Stream of the Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting for Aurora, plus festival of Speed and Revival to come
  • Scheduled programming
  • Video on demand programming
  • Live broadcasting and streaming
  • FaceBook players
  • Instagram
  • iPhone and Android streaming
  • Paypal, Ebay, Twitter integration
  • Live broadcasting from iPhone or iPad
  • Full analytics and geo blocking
  • APP’s custom built for specific devices and uses with the APP Store

We can operate the complete system for clients, from encoding supplied video in a wide variety of file formats, add metadata, schedule for playback in a time-line, manage advertising around content, produce data metrics on viewers and of course build bespoke TV players to meet clients designs, size and formats.

We offer a variety of price options for all of our services, including a basic ‘template’ type player to a completely designed and modified version, which could be for a major corporation or broadcaster. We host video storage on our system servers, and provide the bandwidth for video to be streamed over. Most plans provide a basic inclusion for both bandwidth and storage, while others are charged at per Gigabyte rates.

Separately, we offer a service to encode and manage YouTube, Vimeo and other channels for clients who do not have the experience or capability (or desire!) to do so. We have both PC and Mac options, and encode, convert and transcode just about any file format for upload to the web.

Live internet streaming

As part of our service we have deep experience of live streaming services. We have live broadcast many events over the past few years including the Official Draws for the Fed Cup and Davis Cup tournaments for the International Tennis Federation; Clipper Round the World Yacht race; Vans Skate Showdown from Amsterdam;  Abu Dhabi Triathlon; Cage Fighting events; World Aerobatic Championships from Silverstone; Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood revival; the Women’s Match Racing World Championships from Sweden; the Korea Match Cup from Seoul;  conferences for Hamburg City Council from their main city hall, the CO-OP, UCLA Hate Crime and countless more; press conferences for the America’s Cup in Valencia, Rome & London; press conference for Bilbao City from London amongst others.

We work alongside production companies and broadcasters, for event organisers and sponsors.

See our section on mobile 3/4G/WiFi Transmitters for live broadcasts from just about anywhere which is HD quality and has been used extensively by us in recent months. Considerably less expensive than using a satellite truck, it’s top quality, small and lightweight  – ideal for conferences, exhibitions, news coverage, sports events and many more applications.