4G Broadcast

4G Mobile Transmitter – transforming broadcasting

Weighing 8kg, can be a single ENG use as here, or connected to OB/Vision mixer for live uplink.

As used by the BBC for the Olympic Torch relay coverage and numerous broadcasters around the world. We’ve been one of the pioneers in this over the past few years and are now a distributor & reseller for the Dutch made systems that are in wide use around the world. Eurovision now exclusively partner with the company too.

We’ve used them outdoors all over the UK and Europe, inside stadiums and concert halls, even in Leicester Cathedral when Channel 4 covered King Richard III: the Reburial. We live streamed it for 3 days.

We’re using this for both video and audio feeds and recently we used it for BBC Radio 5live Sports Extra to broadcast an international event from inside Wembley Arena  – the system performed flawlessly for 2 x 2 hour shows.  We also have clients who use the systems for live streams inside banks in the center of London…

We’ve used them for conferences, press launches, news, exhibitions, music gigs and of course sports events!

Expert4C-WorkflowWe offer packages from full ‘end-to-end’ as a service with operators and streaming, to simple daily dry hire and sales. Our clients including production companies, specialist web enterprises who have been using this system to stream from conferences without the need for expensive ISDN or landline installations, and for radio broadcasts too.

Ideal for TV and streaming production companies, event organisers, news broadcasters, press conferences, corporate events and more needing live or store & forward broadcasting.

The Wireless Multiplex Transmitter Agile (WMT) unit bundles 8 x 4G mobile channels from multiple network operators

Leicester Cathedral for King Richard III

Leicester Cathedral for King Richard III

(e.g. Vodafone, Orange, EE, 3 etc)  into one signal for up-linking video and high volume files. Typical signal capacity is between 800 – 12000 kbps (12Mb) for live High Definition quality images.

The system constantly selects the best quality signal from each of the 8 network cards to ensure the best continuous uplink signal. It is a totally portable system, with an extendable 2M antennae, transmitting live video &/or audio + images can be recorded on the unit and sent later (Store & Forward).  It can be configured as a ‘One-to-One’ feed for transmission to a broadcast network MCR, or though 1080 Media’s own IT system.

It can be used as per the photo as a single ENG single camera transmission, or output from mixing desk or OB for live or delayed link via 4G or WiFi mobile networks. Flexible, space saving and inexpensive rates.

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