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1. Camera Operator/editor/technician – TV & Media production

We need an allrounder who can film, edit, and look after technical aspects such as live streaming, ideally with PC knowledge too.

Person specification:

This is more suited for a younger person who may recently have graduated from Uni, or who is in the early stages of their career in the media.

You will have experience of what’s involved in creating TV and media productions, perhaps having worked for sports federations, clubs, or sponsoring companies; or you may have a background in AV and live events.

You need to be London based, or sensibly commutable to Hammersmith area in west London; there WILL be a lot of international travel involved, so you need to be prepared for possibly weeks away at a time, and have no issue travelling into and out of the UK i.e. you will need a passport for the UK, or settled status etc;

Good written and spoken English is essential, and you will know Microsoft programmes such as word, excel.

You will have good experiencing of filming with a range of cameras, shooting a variety of styles of productions, ideally with some sport experience as we cover a lot of different types of sports, and it would be ideal if you are keen on sailing, or have experience of filming sailing – when you see that we cover quite a lot of this too. So we shoot live events, documentaries, social media clips – you name it, we produced for a wide range of clients.

You need to be able to edit too – ideally with both Avid and PremierPro.

If you are technically minded – that would be a help, as we also run lots of live streaming, and we rig for AV style events also.

We can of course also train you if you are the right person for us. 

We need a team player who can help us manage our ever growing list of clients, both here and internationally.

Yes it can be stressful, tiring, long hours, and pressured at times, but it is also a lot of very rewarding fun, and you are guaranteed to do things you have never done before, and meet a whole new world of lovely people out there. Definitely Not your usual 9-5 kind of job!

About us: Check out our news pages to see what we’re doing. We are a boutique company – we keep our team specialised and we work with lots of freelance people to scale to big event coverage; our programmes sell around the world; we are into lots of live streaming of events, but we also deliver to traditional TV networks. There’s not much we can’t take on and produce top class coverage of, everything from live esports to awards nights, club pressers, news edits and distribution – to social media clips, promos and full TV series. 

Applications to [email protected]