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This is a special opportunity – but this position is to be taken very, very seriously and thought through before you apply, so as not to waste either our time or yours…

The reason is because this is a unique role and is a genuinely life changing possibility, as we have seen with the previous 3 editions of this global race we have covered.

We are again covering the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. It departs September 1st 2019 from London, and returns to UK end of July 2020 after 40,000 miles, and 13 races.

You will be the on board reporter/camera operator/photographer/editor who will be embedded in the race and sail the entire circumnavigation along with the sailing crew. You would shoot on board, produce news reports and photos, and shoot to brief. We use your footage to produce social media and corporate edits. Therefore you must be a good storyteller and be able to follow direction from afar, so be self motivated and capable of having an eye for what is happening around you, while integrating with the sailing crew of the yacht you are on. You can see what it’s all about at

Who are you? Well if you have sailed that will certainly be a bonus, but it’s not essential. Our last person had never sailed before and did the whole race – yes they got seasick but survived. Like the crew, there is a 4 week training course involved that everyone has to go through for safety/insurance. If you have sailed, tell us what and where; if you haven’t best let us know now, because it’ll be pretty obvious, pretty darned quick!

It’s 11 months out of the UK, but one hell of an experience and we’ll be producing lots of content for international distribution. This is possibly the toughest production you will ever be involved in, do not underestimate the demands of this role, because in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2000 miles from land, you cannot quit and get off… Make no mistake, it’s extremely demanding and you WILL want to quit. We have been through this before.

It’s cold, you’ll be soaking wet, either from massive waves washing down the deck, or from the 40 degree searing heat; it can be dangerous, and brilliant, emotional and lonely, all at the same time. Think of it like this: sharing a constantly moving one room flat with 20 bunks, one kitchen, a tiny toilet, no privacy, sleeping, cooking and living for 3-4 weeks at a time at a 45 degree angle, with a bunch of people you hardly know….and telling their story as you go. Still interested?

It will be a full time role for this period. All expenses are paid, all kit and equipment provided and you may be eligible to become a tax exile from the UK for this period also. You won’t get rich , the salary is not huge, but you will have an adventure you will never forget, if you can make it work.

The ideal candidate would have the following skill set and ability –

  • Good sailing experience, preferably offshore experience
  • Excellent filming skills Excellent photography skills
  • Ability to record and edit audio and video files – while on board the yacht
  • Ability to understand the upload system on the yacht to send clips back to UK
  • Overall while sailing: Production of 3-5 top class photo’s every day while on board the yacht
  • Production of one 30-second video clip for social media, edited daily on the yacht and uploaded to UK
  • Daily audio clips to be used for podcast – edited in UK weekly

Clearly before any decisions are made we need to meet you as we cannot offer anyone a role without meeting them and deciding if we can work together, as it becomes very intense. There is one other aspect to now consider however, which is with UK possibly leaving the EU, it may complicate things – we just don’t know at this stage of course. You must be resident in the UK too, preferably London or south coast.

Please explain why you want to be part of this next adventure and what you can bring to our team. Make it good, as we really need to know what motivates you to want to do this…

BY THE WAY. In the past, we received a lot of applications, however, anyone who cannot bother to write a reason WHY they want to take this challenge on, won’t even be read so don’t waste your time sending us just a CV. Tell us your story because the interview starts right here….





Ok this is perhaps an unusual role…. You need to be an all rounder

Person Specification:

  • Filming: you will know cameras and the kit, because you will also be able to shoot and be comfortable and adventurous to learn more;
  • we have FS7, C300, Sony 500 and a range of others, and quite a store of fun things; maybe even know about flying drones too..(we have a waterproof one!)…
  • You will probably be in your twenties, though that is not an essential criteria; you will have knowledge of PC’s and configuring them;
  • also an advantage would be knowledge of Avid edit systems as we have a few, plus Premier Pro;
  • Ideally, though not essential – you will have experience of technical matters in live streaming too, to the point where you can confidently manage a live stream to YouTube and FaceBook simultaneously;

Yes not too much to ask! – but we are offering an amazing opportunity too…


Our bijou offices are in Hammersmith,in west London and we offer a huge CHANCE to shoot and be involved in a wide variety of things.

We cover sports documentaries, live sport, and general travel docs too, plus a few corporates’, live bands and so on- it’s really a wide mix.

Do you Like watersports, sailing? – that helps, we have history there too. You need to have experience, and you need to be able to take control of a shoot on your own – this is not for someone fresh out of University sorry (much as we love you), and you need to be based in London. If you are not based in London, don’t bother sorry – believe us, we know, it won’t work!.

There is the possibility of a LOT of international travel too – so think about your personal circumstances with possibly 2 weeks or more away on location, possibly every month for the next 12 months! We are currently covering the Clipper Round the World yacht race (look it up) – among a ‘raft’ of other projects, and yes, the white water rafting world champs in Australia too (China next year and Chile) – you get the idea….

You need to be creative, innovative and not afraid of taking responsibility at events. However, we have a small team that scales to big teams on live events. You must be able to work in a team and directly with clients, and alone, if needed on location.

You need to be able to edit on location too, music edits, news cuts and even videos for social media and to show etc. We all do everything, we all get involved, we all love it because this is not your normal kind of thing – it can be mad pressure and awesome fun, or awesomely intense and stressy too….. It is though, an amazing opportunity for the right person.

You need humour, professionalism, creativity, tech skills, dedication, energy, did we say creativity? and passion for this. The personal rewards, the growth, the experiences, the fun the hard work and the long crazy hours, oh and the amazing situations you will be in around the world with some incredible people, are remarkable.

We’ve been doing this a long while now, we know! It’s pretty unique and unusual. If you have read this far, and are still interested, and we haven’t scared you off, then you ought to apply for this!

We are a small core team, working with hundreds of people around the world. Can’t wait to hear from you if you feel you can meet up to these specs.

Immediate start would be ideal as we have a lot going on, but we can be patient and wait a bit too… ! Its a full time job. Actually more than full time…



3. Business Development Manager – TV & Media production

We are looking for a well connected person to help develop new leads and help us drive the business forward even faster…

Person specification:

You will probably have been working in the sports or media sector for a few years now, having worked your way up from a sales position as one of your early jobs, post university;

You will have established your own network of contacts within the sports industry, and you will have experience of what’s involved in creating TV and media productions, perhaps having worked for sports federations, clubs, or sponsoring companies; or you may have a background in AV sales and productions, or even TV programme sales/acquisitions working on the international stage.

You need to be London based, or sensibly commutable to west London; there may be some international travel involved; good written and spoken English is essential; you need to be self motivated,  a never give up mentality, prepared to get up and keep going no matter what, and capable of representing the company in any situation; confident in your ability to deliver, and capable of working together with the directors to target potential new clients and new business opportunities. Sounds dramatic we know, but what we’re really saying is you need to pitch in and make this work! We need a team player who can help us escalate where we are now. If you do not have a good address book where you can network to influence decisions, then it will probably be a non-starter. 

We expect to offer a sensible basic salary based on experience, but with an attractive commission opportunity. We know this works for us, and we expect results, but we are prepared to share in the success. Everyone enjoys a great result and exciting ideas and opportunities!

About us: Check out our news pages to see what we’re doing. We are a boutique company – we keep our team specialised and we work with lots of freelance people to scale to big event coverage; our programmes sell around the world; we are into lots of live streaming of events, but we also deliver to traditional TV networks. There’s not much we can’t take on and produce top class coverage of, everything from live esports to awards nights, club pressers, news edits and distribution – to social media clips, promos and full TV series. We have a wide range of wonderful and exciting clients around the world.

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