BBC Radio 5Live Sports Extra Broadcasts with 3G transmitter

England V Australia netball series sees historic win!
England V Australia netball series sees historic win!

England v Australia

NETBALL – England’s women recently won a 3 match series against the number 1 ranked team in the world from Australia, with matches in Bath, Wembley Arena and Birmingham’s NIA.

USP Content, with producer Chessie Bent, won the gig to cover the series for BBC Radio 5Live Sports Extra which was broadcast – well, live! It was both online and on Digital radio simultaneously from the stadiums.

Incredibly, Britain shone, and whipped the visitors 3-0, the first time they have won a series against them and setting records in the process.

Opting to use 1080 Media’s 3G WMT transmitter from inside the stadium instead of using a traditional ISDN line, BBC took the signal in at TV Centre and span it up their line to MediaCity in Salford for broadcast to the airwaves.

With a 2 hour broadcast for each match, our unit performed flawlessly as history was written – BBC saying the quality was outstanding and that it worked ‘brilliantly’, calling it a ‘very impressive piece of kit’.

According to national funding body Sport England, almost 160,000 women play netball every week!!

Great job Chessie and thanks to all at USP!

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