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1. Business Development Manager – TV & Media production

We are looking for a well connected person to help develop new leads and help us drive the business forward even faster…

Person specification:

You will probably have been working in the sports or media sector for a few years now, having worked your way up from a sales position as one of your early jobs, post university;

You will have established your own network of contacts within the sports industry, and you will have experience of what’s involved in creating TV and media productions, perhaps having worked for sports federations, clubs, or sponsoring companies; or you may have a background in AV sales and productions, or even TV programme sales/acquisitions working on the international stage.

You need to be London based, or sensibly commutable to west London; there may be some international travel involved; good written and spoken English is essential; you need to be self motivated,  a never give up mentality, prepared to get up and keep going no matter what, and capable of representing the company in any situation; confident in your ability to deliver, and capable of working together with the directors to target potential new clients and new business opportunities. Sounds dramatic we know, but what we’re really saying is you need to pitch in and make this work! We need a team player who can help us escalate where we are now. If you do not have a good address book where you can network to influence decisions, then it will probably be a non-starter. 

We expect to offer a sensible basic salary based on experience, but with an attractive commission opportunity. We know this works for us, and we expect results, but we are prepared to share in the success. Everyone enjoys a great result and exciting ideas and opportunities!

About us: Check out our news pages to see what we’re doing. We are a boutique company – we keep our team specialised and we work with lots of freelance people to scale to big event coverage; our programmes sell around the world; we are into lots of live streaming of events, but we also deliver to traditional TV networks. There’s not much we can’t take on and produce top class coverage of, everything from live esports to awards nights, club pressers, news edits and distribution – to social media clips, promos and full TV series. We have a wide range of wonderful and exciting clients around the world.

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