Mark Bates Ltd Table Tennis England National Championships 2020

For the 4th consecutive year, we were invited to partner with Table Tennis England to provide coverage as host broadcaster for the National Championships – and what an event, yet again…

With BBC Sport’s website again hosting the live coverage, together with YouTube the first couple of days, it was fascinating to see our top stars battle their way through to the finals once again, though  there were some massively encouraging performances from young and rising stars too.

Using our own custom built fly-away system, we live streamed for almost 13 hours on the first day in Nottingham, 10 hours on day 2, and on the finals day, we covered 10 matches including the Para finals. This was non-stop action from 9.30 in the morning to the finish and final awards and interviews after 6pm – quite a marathon for our team. 

The live signal was delivered to BBC Sport’s MCR via our 4G WMT transmitter, as our unit is registered with the BBC’s incoming pool of transmitters, so it was as simple as dragging a box online via the LinkMatrix system to connect. We used a combination of provided ethernet connection at the venue and 4G sims, transmitting at 13-  15Mb all day without a hitch. 

With 9 camera coverage directed by Ben Blake, including wireless cameras, replays, graphics, reliable and talented commentators Don and Colin up in their box, and presenters working with Table Tennis England’s team, it was again considered a ‘top class’ production by BBC Sport – always nice to know…

Live show :

Short excerpt of the men’s singles final –

Well done all, great fun yet again and thanks to everyone at Table Tennis England for all the support and coordination involved especially of course, Paul and Becci in comms, Neil, Chris, Carol and everyone else from events and competitions.