Finalist for Broadcast Programme of the Year!!

Another really nice surprise received today – very pleased to announce that our Travel TV Series, co-produced with the main character #SimonParker, called #EarthCycle, has today been announced as a Finalist in the prestigious ‘Travel Media Awards’ #travelmediawrds for Broadcast Programme of The Year.

It’s a 5 x 25 minute series being shown around the world. This self-financed series was a fabulous adventure for everyone and is the first in a regular series of programming nwe are planning featuring a range of diverse destinations.

The Finalists are:

– Earth Cycle – on Amazon Prime

– From Our Own Correspondent – Trobriand Islands: a passion for cricket for BBC Radio 4

– Insight Guides: The Travel Podcast – ‘Discovering the Fez Medina’ on Soundcloud

– Wander Woman: ‘The Sound of Silence’ – on Buzzsprout

– Would you visit Fukushima? for The Telegraph

Winners on January 21st!

Link here to trailer: