Dramatic ‘Man Overboard’ Rescue in Clipper Yacht Race

Derry~Londonderry~Doire crew member, Andrew Taylor (46) from London was rescued from the Pacific Ocean on March 29th after falling overboard. Derry~ Londonderry~ Doire successfully recovers man overboard He went over the side at 23.43 UTC  and was sighted again at 00.55 UTC before being recovered at approx. 01.13 UTC (13.13 local time, 30 March).

The incident happened in rough weather with 35 knots of wind and clear visibility in daylight. Skipper Sean McCarter reported that he was working with Andrew on a sail change near the bow when he fell in. Sean immediately went back to the helm, stopped the yacht and initiated the MOB (man overboard) procedure.

This video was filmed and edited on board by by 1080 Media’s Tristan Perry from Canada, who was on the yacht to record the Pacific Ocean crossing, following their adventure and experience for the BBC Worldwide programmes we are producing. The images were sent back to race HQ in the UK via satellite from the yacht, and have been seen on major TV networks globally. The footage is harrowing, and Andrew is extremely fortunate to have survived relatively unscathed. Great job by all involved in the rescue and good luck in the rest of the race.

Watch here: